I am a published poet with a book through Publish America. I am currently working on losing weight because the end of July 2014 I was diagnosed with diabetes. My husband loss two toes because of his diabetes and I don’t want that to happen to me. I love writing and working on posting to my blogs both here and on Bubblews. My oldest daughter is currently caring my first grandchild which excites me. Writing is the only job that I have ever had that I wasn’t fired from and it’s the one thing that I feel comfortable doing. I love to read and write and always carry my Surface Pro 3 with me everywhere in case inspiration hits. I’m currently down 35 pounds and still have more than 50 to go. I don’t like my body and I am very hard on myself about the way that I look. I am far from the best poet but it’s the one thing that I love to do.


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