He’s never coming back


It’s been over a month since I have tried to communicate with Todd and it’s been over a month since he blocked me on Facebook. Despite it not being the outcome that I didn’t want I have come to accept it. I still love him and miss him every minute of every day. I’ve been trying to stay busy but that doesn’t keep me from thinking about him. I’m scared that I have made the wrong decision and that I have let go of something that should have been forever. I have been trying to get back to focusing on my weight loss but with my broken ankle it’s been hard to exercise.

I feel very alone despite not being alone. I have been worried about money like I always am. My mind is so full of thoughts. I  am grateful to have had Todd in my life and I don’t think that he reads this so he doesn’t see how important he is to me. I wonder if he even thinks about me or even cares about me or if he ever did. I truly think that I will never see him again.

As much as I have tried I can’t put the words together of what I would say to him if I did see him. I am still very hurt and no words can change our current status.


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