3 Long horrible Weeks


It’s been three long horrible weeks since I have spoken or heard anything from Todd and now it just plain hurts. I haven’t seen him at work but don’t know what to think. I feel like part of me has left the building. Sorry for being away but with my foot issues, I have been everywhere. Between my emotions and financial issues, life has just been crazy.

Got my 90 day review at work and was all positive and my next review will come around my one year anniversary. I love my job since the books don’t yell at me and don’t treat me like I don’t deserve to live. I get along with most people at work and always try to have a positive attitude. I am still able to write when I can so I am looking forward to getting the next book done.

My focus is to get my poems typed up for my editor so that I can get some revisions done and ready to send to publishers. I have also started to write very short stories but still have so much that I want to do. One day I am ready to get a new Surface Pro so that I can spend my time writing.


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