Many painful days


So many painful days have come since the last time that I wrote anything. I still haven’t heard from the man of my dreams. I saw him last Saturday and that was the last time that anything has ever happened.

Leaving for work on Wednesday, I fell down and broke my ankle which has made things even worse since I have to stay off my foot at work.

On Monday I was blocked from him and left work early because it had me so upset. Then I went to block one of my friends (or so I thought) found that I wasn’t her friend anyways. On Tuesday of this week I told my boss that I think that I need to transfer to another branch because I’m not wanted at our branch. I told her from the time I walk in at work the only thing that I am to focus on is work.

I will not be friends with anyone since it’s that I can’t trust people around there. Sitting here at home and not being at work is bothering me terribly because I am not making any money sitting here at home.

Every moment of everyday I think about him and it’s hard to hold back the tears because every moment is hard to live. I want to believe that he misses me and that he wants me in his life but I don’t know anymore.

The pain of my broken left ankle hurts but still not as much as it is missing and loving him. I’m ready to sleep my life away because the pain is just so much that I don’t know how to handle it anymore.


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