Working/Focusing on Weight


When it comes to losing weight it can be difficult when you have to work and not focus every moment on getting healthy. I am currently down 30 plus pounds but I won’t lie that it hasn’t been easy. I worry every Monday morning that the scale won’t go my way. I still have 40 pounds to go but now that I walk for my job but it doesn’t mean that I get all my exercise done for each day. Then on top of working on my weight I am in the middle of my marriage falling apart. I have so much on my plate right now then worrying about everything that I put into my mouth.

Right now I like the way I look but I still have to get below 200 pounds before I would even remotely stop trying to lose weight. This is not just a temporary thing but a lifestyle change that will last me as long as I can put food in my mouth. With OA we eat to fuel and not for any other reason. We stay away from foods that cause us to binge. Some of us even have to give up sugar so that people won’t binge either.

Each week I must try to plan out meals for the week and not eat junk food. I miss junk food and going out to eat. Since I have been going to OA I have learned to love myself and not just the way I look. When it comes to food, we must not focus on it.

But with my marriage falling apart, I have to keep my mind focus on what’s the life at hand. I still don’t like to see myself in pictures but I hope that one day will change.


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