The worlds’ a different place with love


I won’t lie the last few days have been every where. My heart felt like I lost someone that I care very deeply for. Then I tried to slit my wrists and didn’t happen. It’s about being with someone who makes you feel good about yourself and not the sex. When I’m close to him the worlds’ a different place. My heart knows that we will never marry but knows that he is very deep inside. We are friends but some days I feel like he is my whole world because he sees me not like my husband.

Growing up I was taught to love thy neighbor and your enemy. I try to follow that and lead the life the God has put before me. I know that everything isn’t right, right now but it’s better than it was this morning. I write these things not to tell my story but to know that I am not alone. When you are in a one sided marriage and things may never be what they used to be you have to find a happy medium and try to do what you can to be happy.

It’s been awhile since I have written things like I’m doing these days. I feel that spark that I miss so much. The one that I wrote for a year about #Billy Norris musical director for #Gavin DeGraw.

Okay world, I’m off to dreamland so that I can relax after the events for today. Thank you to my #followers.


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