Aldi project


I just started working a project that I was hoping to post and see how many people are interested in this topic. I thought that I would shop for a week’s worth of food from Aldi and find out how much I spend. I would of course meals that my family would eat and that are easy to make. Listed below are the meals that we intend on eating.

1. Brown rice w/ black beans & chicken casserole

2. Ranch chicken wraps

3. Crockpot potato soup

4. Taco soup

5. Hamburger stroganoff

6. Breakfast burritos

7. Baked burrito casserole

8. Crockpot chicken teriyaki

9. Baked spaghetti casserole

10. Turkey soft tacos

11. Fryer chicken

12. Chicken quesadillas

13. Greek chicken wraps

14. Turkey sloppy Joe’s

15. Club turkey wrap

16. Pepperoni pizza

I saw a lot of posts on Pinterest of people saying you could do so many meals for this amount but none of the blogs talk about snacks or side dishes and I want to make sure that it’s in my blog. As a diabetic and with my husband being diabetic as well we have to have vegetables at each meal or a fruit. I try to make sure that we are eating what the doctor’s suggest. On the 19th when we get our food stamps then I will go to Aldi to shop for what’s on the list for the other products that we need. Please I would love to feedback as to if someone would use my information for their family or for themselves.


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