Cancer scare & now WEight Loss


I just went through a breast cancer scare but it turned out that it was negative. Now I am trying to focus on losing weight again. I have been downloading all the stuff for the 21 Day fix diet.

Not to say that this scare is done but there is a chance that I could get another lump and be going through it again. But I know that I need to lose weight.

After a recent doctor’s appointment I went from a diabetic to a pre-diabetic. I keep trying to think that I don’t have to eat everything in site but just enough to stay alive. I’m embarassed by the way that I look.

I won’t lie when I go out to eat since I don’t get to go out that much I tend to splurge and that sets me back. I had the five dollar box at Taco Bell today but didn’t eat all the food. I knew that I shouldn’t have done it but I did.

Is there anyone else struggling like me today?


One thought on “Cancer scare & now WEight Loss

  1. Hello. I really understand your struggle 😉 I’m not badly overweight, but trying to loose some weight at this moment to look better and to feel healthier. At this right moment I’m drinking water like camel 😀 Well, my struggle more of psychological matter, so.. But yes, I know what it means and I deeply support you! 😉

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