Weight Loss & Daily Struggles


I have been going back and forth for sometime trying to lose weight but when the fear of being homeless it takes over everything else. I need to still lose the weight since I don’t want to be diabetic anymore. I need to change my eating habits which is easier said then done. I spent three days not eating much at all since I was so sick I didn’t even get out of bed. I have not been on the scale in sometime because with Michael’s recent hospital visit and trying to make sure that we don’t lose the roof over our heads. I still record what I eat and try to walk as much as possible but it’s just been put to the side of my mind. I don’t have any diabetes medicine and I haven’t seen my doctor in sometime. I don’t want to gain the weight back and doing my best not too. I want to go back to Food Lover’s Weight Loss but when we are struggling with food I don’t focus on it.

Everyday is a struggle and I know that my health should be number one but it’s hard to do that when having other issues out weighs other issues.


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