Weight Loss & stress


I have been on this weight loss journey for sometime now and the stress doesn’t help in the journey. Now that I am not working I can focus more on it but I am so stressed out that it’s not helping me lose. I don’t know how we are going to pay our bills and everything I eat doesn’t make me feel good. I am doing my best to make sure that I exercise and eat right but when I am finally getting some sleep I don’t have much time to exercise during the day. I have managed to keep off most of the weight that I have lost so far which is good. I still have more than 20 pounds to go to get below 200 pounds. It’s hard to focus on weight loss when I am worried if we are going to be homeless again. I know that giving up on the job was a bad idea but I just couldn’t handle it. I am constantly anxious and unable to handle pressure which makes working hard for me. I would like to be below 200 pounds before Gavin DeGraw comes to town in July. Well, that’s my update for now. Thanks for reading.


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