Yesterday was horrible


Today I am up and looking for a brighter day despite the snow coming down outside. I didn’t go to running group because I went to bed so early. I also overate and didn’t like myself for it. Today I started with a good breakfast and now have the energy to go to the gym so that I can get my workout in. Tomorrow the gym is only open until 9 pm and I am worried that I won’t get there so I am making sure that I am there today. I am doing my best not to let things bring me down. I want to do change my lifestyle for the better. I know that I don’t always tell my whole story because I don’t have the page length or the time but if you find me on Instagram or Twitter you can learn more about me. I love posting pictures of my healthy meals or when we get the chance to eat out. I am also a huge Gavin and Joey DeGraw fan. I love music and reading and finding inspiration from the world around me. Gavin has inspired me in ways that I can’t explain. I wrote a book of poetry that was inspired by his song “In love with a girl”. My life right now is finding work even though I have medical issues that slow me down. I am doing my best to eat right and make sure that I exercise. I have great people around me who support me and praise me each day. I am a lucky person to have such a good life despite having money issues and stressing all the time. I love to write and enjoy sharing my journey with everyone. Right now I take one pound at a time and keep going despite the bumps in the road. I hope that you enjoy my blog and find yourself in my shoes so way or another.

Twitter: @jstroudpainter

Instagram: @jstroudpainter16


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