Slacking with lack of exercise


I have been slacking and not going to the gym do to lack of money and gas. I also have been slacking on what I eat. I do well for a few days then I just give up and it’s down hill from there. I have running group tonight and hope that I can get out there and do it since it is so cold outside. I just wish that spring would get here so that I could go outside and run. Last week I ran my best mile and I want to do it again. I was so proud that I ran the whole time and I want that to happen again. I love running and despite how much it hurts my knees I don’t want to stop. I have to get some exercise in this week sometime but I don’t know when. Well, I should go for now. Thanks for reading and listening.


One thought on “Slacking with lack of exercise

  1. Keep your chin up! I’m in CNY and we’re only looking at another 8 weeks of winter 😉
    Have you tried some at-home,in-door cardio training? I used to tell myself all the time I’d get to “it” when “this” happened. Finally, I told myself “this” might never be right on, so let’s just get on it 🙂

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