Not a good start


Today hasn’t started out well. I ended up getting a donut and chocolate milk which I knew wasn’t in the plan. I am eating some strawberries and pineapple now but it doesn’t take back that I had the donut. I woke up because Michael fell in the bathroom this morning. It’s not going to warm up like it did yesterday so I missed out on running in the nice weather. I just got my coffee for the day but I don’t know if it is going to keep me awake. I just hope that today gets better but I am not holding my breath. I’m sitting here and it isn’t keeping me awake. I feel like I should go take a long walk to wake myself up. I keep thinking about Michael not being in school and what we would have to do to pay our bills. My coffee doesn’t even taste right. Well I should go for now. I have to get myself to wake up. Thanks for reading and listening.


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