Giving Up


I found out at the end of July right after my 37 birthday that I was diabetic. Now more than five months later I am down 20 or more pounds but ready to give it up because I am so stressed out. We aren’t going on vacation because the money to pay our bills didn’t come through so now we have to use the money for our rent and not the trip. Last night after doing so well through the day I ended up binging on sweets from being so upset. I have lost my focus and nothing seems to be going right for us. I don’t enjoy being overweight and I don’t like the way I look but it’s not enough to keep me going.


One thought on “Giving Up

  1. Don’t give up now! You’ve already come so far. Even when it’s hard, keep going. You won’t regret improving yourself even if it’s hard at the time, but you WILL regret letting yourself go in a few months time when things calm down. Head up, smile. 🙂

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