Holidays almost over


The holidays are coming to an end and that means that it is time to get back on track so that I can get this weight off. Even on Christmas I made sure to exercise while I was able to. Just walking up and down the road to keep myself from eating. This morning I ate a breakfast bar and then when we got home I ate three hard boiled egg whites. I’ve been doing stuff around the house to keep myself busy and my mind off of food. I even made a list of what needs to be done. I also got a list started for our trip to Nashville, TN. I asked for a new picture for Christmas with my brother and sister so that I would have a picture to keep me motivated on losing this weight. I have a plan of what I want to make once we eat what we have in the freezer to eat. I’m doing my best not to spend money so that we have money for our trip. I’m doing my best not to splurge on anything and just to stick with what I know what to eat and not the junk food. I love to eat sweet like candy and cake. I thought about even putting together a motivational wall so that I would have something to look at. I know that I don’t enjoy being fat and I don’t enjoy people making fun of me.


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