Weight Loss


It’s been since the end of July since I was diagnosed with diabetes that I have been working on losing weight. I am still not down to 200 pounds but I am aiming by the first of the year. I try to eat right and exercise as much as I can. I walk/jog whenever I can but some days it’s really hard. Everyday is a new day and a battle to stay with it. I have last year’s Christmas picture on my desk so that I have motivation to keep going. I have been doing “Food Lovers Fat Loss system” which is just eating the right food in the right portions. I still love to snack and I still love sweets. I was going to a clinic that was for weight loss but I changed my mind when they wanted to tell what I could and couldn’t eat. But doing it on my own has been difficult and still I keep at it. I know what I am going through is normal but still its not as easy as I would like.


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